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  1. Absolutely love the site and it does true reflection on your dogs, the invirament they live in and mostly to the wonderful temperament you are breeding with all of your dogs. We love having visits.

  2. Thank you Pam! We always love having you come over for a visit and a Scottie fix! -Stacey

  3. Great to meet and connect with you here at “Montgomery”!! Great chats! When I come to Melbourne you will here!

  4. Without a doubt the most adorable Scotties I have ever seen! They are indeed my favourite dog, but I am old now and can only dream of ever owning one. However, thanks to the internet I can visit your excellent website every day for my fix!


  5. What a beautiful website and such a tribute to the best breed of dog on the planet. Thank you for keeping this breed continuance in Australia and not far from where we live either !

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