Grooming a Scottie can be challenging at times especially if you don’t stay on top of it. We like to start grooming our puppies from a very young age to get them use to the clippers, brushing and bathing, plus hand stripping if they are show potentials.  This way when they go to their new homes it makes it easier and they can enjoy their grooming experiences without being scared.

We offer a grooming service only on Scottish Terriers. I consider myself a Scottish Terrier & Hand Stripping specialist when it comes to grooming.

I have fortunately had the opportunity to learn from some of the top Scottie groomers around the world in our travels. Everyone has a slightly difference style but you can implement something from each person to further your skills.

Hand stripping is an art form and not many groomers can do it correctly. Its hard work and take longer than the average clip. I recommend clipping a pet and leave hand stripping for show dogs only.









Stevie from Yak to Scottie

Stevie from Yak to Scottie

Runner Up Best In Show my first ever grooming competition. Two world class Judges this was such a thrill!

My ribbons and trophies from only TWO grooming competitions


My first grooming competition. There was more hair on the grown that on the dog.



























Basics For Grooming

Recommended Tools

The essentials for grooming your scottie:

  • Good Quality Pin Brush
  • Slicker Brush
  • Metal Comb
  • Skip Begeot Grooming stones
  • Quality Shampoo and Conditioner- We recommend Melanie Newman Salon Essentials


You need a good quality pin brush.

I like these Le Pooch Slicker brushes

A strong good quantity metal comb

Only for hand stripping. Fabulous tools for the novice to an professional groomer


My Grooming Set Up


Coming soon!! Short grooming clips